Viel Vergnügen mit Paula !

So heisst die neue Beraterin des amtierenden US-Präsidenten, eine evangelistikale Predigerin.

Der Clip der Nachrichtenseite „Now this“ zeigt in Ausschnitten, wie Paula White tickt. So sagt die Trump-Anhängerin im Video Sätze wie diese:

Wo ich gehe, ist Gott!

Nein zu Präsident Trump zu sagen würde bedeuten, auch Nein zu Gott zu sagen!

Wo immer ich gehe, regiert Gott.

Wenn ich durch das Weisse Haus gehe, geht auch Gott durch das Weisse Haus.

Der Boden des Weissen Hauses ist heiliger Grund, weil ich dort stehe.

An einer besonders bemerkenswerten Stelle „downloaded“ sie den Himmel, wie sie sagt – was implizieren soll, dass nun wohl eine Art Heiliger Geist in sie gedrungen ist. Paula White kreischt plötzlich und spricht in einer Fantasiesprache.

Paula White soll sich künftig um Öffentlichkeitsarbeit kümmern.

(Zitat aus „Der Westen“)

The New Evangelistical haben also das White House erobert!

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  1. I am unsure if you have ever listened to her on television, but she is very dramatic and pushes for donations. Her words seem to be aimed at unfortunate people and she comes close to promising that if they will help her by sending money, they can overcome their circumstances. There is a long history if this in the U.S. which began in the 1950’s and 1960’s. She is one of many “Prosperity Preachers.” Not what the Gospel is truly about, in my opinion.

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      1. Here is a link to a news story. I’m sorry it is not in German. You may want to use Google Translate.

        Basically she is saying, “If you don’t send me the money you make from your job in January, then God will punish you.”

        In effect, punishment by the state government has been replaced by punishment by God.

        So wrong. So very wrong!

        Gefällt mir

    1. Frightening if politics turns into religion… and religion turns into a personality cult.
      It reminds on the darkest medieval times.

      In Europe, people start talking about facism à la Mussolini (in terms of an alliance betwen governments and corporations). Others compare this global phenomena with the rise of neo-feudalism.

      Free quality education for all, fair distribution of wealth incl. tax justice, free non-profit media and re-focus on the common interests of the different groups in society might help …

      My impression is that US American education is too much competition-oriented instead of fostering cooperation or at least coopetition.
      It is all about winning…at all cost.
      Thus, people are convinced that the ends justifies the means.
      The actual outcome and long-term impact seems to be irrelevant.
      If I am entitled to win, somebody has to lose.

      There are inevitably more losers than winners, who are told that they have failed – denying that chances for success are not equal at all…and the peopIind become prey for political and religious extremists as well as for populists conmen like Trump.

      In my view, it isn`t an incident that the States and UK are struggling with populists firstly.
      Both countries are characterized by societies with caste-like social class systems, poor wealth distribution across society, high education cost, a huge share of frustrated working class people (and shrinking fearfull middle class), tax evasion and co-existence of different cultural groups (no, it is not about race / colour but about social classes) that eases the execution of a divide & conquer strategy.

      Gefällt mir

      1. Here is an article about her, and one of the things she said.

        Basically she is saying, “If you don’t send me the pay that you get from your job for the month of January, God will punish you.”

        So instead of the fascist state punishing you, God will punish you. So wrong. So very wrong!

        “If I am entitled to win, somebody has to lose” is very much the mindset of many, as is “winning at all costs.” (Our current president is the embodiment of this way of thinking.) We see a limited supply of everything even when there does not need to be a limited supply. (A limited supply, even if only perceived and not actual, is beneficial to those who have the wealth and the power.)

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      2. Wow!
        I don`t understand why/how people can fall for her…???
        Somebody must have laid the foundation that makes people prone to con(wo)men like her.
        Usually, you find this lack of resileince only in groups like people who are terminal ill and there is no therapy available. These patients are often prone to charlatanery & snake oil sales people like in Western movies.
        I always thought education protects us from this kind of exploitation.

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      3. It reminds on selling indulgences like in medieval times…. weird!
        Never heard of something like that in Germany…ah, one exemption: Scientology that is not acknowledged as a church or religion at all. It is regarded as an abusive cult that is permanently under investigation & observation by authorities.

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  2. PS: The people, who support Paula and her „church“, must have a truely bad opinion about their God if they think he is corrupt….and they can purchase his goodwill.

    That is worshiping the Golden Calf at its best.

    Gefällt mir

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