Tipp No. 123: „The World Through A Lens“ – Fine Art Landscape Photography by Tim Hall

The Red Box

Fishing in Kotor

Skadar Lake

Tree Tracks




About Tim Hall

Tim Hall is a British Fine Art Photographer, who specializes in travel, landscape, and portraiture. His drive to see the world through the lens of a camera was inspired by the romance of 19th century travelers and more recently, National Geographic photographers. The work is a lyrical response to the people and places that he has visited and shows his deep interest in the urban and natural world as well as the people who inhabit them. The influence of painting in his work stems from his studies of Art History at Manchester University. The intention to strike an emotional or spiritual chord is evident in much of his landscape work, which is inspired by Rothko and Turner.

With over twenty years experience as a project-based photographer, his works are often conceived as a series, exhibited as a…

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