Insight No. 81: „Liar, liar…Pants On Fire!!!“

Je grösser die Katastrophengefahr, desto geringer sind Fähigkeit und Wille, das drohende Unheil wahrzunehmen.

The Red Box

Time to stand up and to become „political incorrect“….

Yes, if there is any liar it is Donald Trump. In this context, his claim for greatness and superiority is substantiated. In fact, he told…

7.645 false or misleading claims since taking office

(Washington Post, Jan. 2019)

The most repeated lie – 187 times and counting – is that the Russia investigation is a “witch-hunt”, followed by Trump’s assertion, made 125 times, that his government passed “the biggest tax cuts in the history of our country”.

The president has also made 124 false claims about the US “losing” money to Mexico under the North America Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), and has claimed that the economy is the “greatest ever” 110 times. (source: The Guardian)

What if politics is transformed into aCult?

Trump keeps the fact checkers busy on a daily basis…but as far as I can take from the…

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